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LAB as a laboratory where the quality of the project is enhanced with great attention to details.


Study, research and creative mind come together to give life to a high quality and performing sample, the result of a careful manufacturing process studied in every detail.

In the Lab, the prototyping and sampling phases are carried out in relation to the mass production thanks also to the support of the 3D printer. The goal is to recreate the new object according to the needs expressed by the customer to make it as close as possible to the future final product.

After carefully examining the project, the first prototype example is conceived. Subsequently, a direct comparison is made with the technical department to carry out the first preliminary considerations and evaluate if the sample reflects all the characteristics required.

To perfect the sample in the best possible way, the use of the 3D scanner proves to be an effective tool that allows to detect any changes or adjustments to the prototype created.

Finally, the welding jigs are designed to optimize the entire manufacturing process with focus on assembly costs, machinery programming and the handling of the individual components.

The design of the welding jig is an extremely important phase for F+M. The consolidated experience over the years combined with the technical and creative skills of the Team allow the company to create ad hoc jigs for each project. 


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