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CODESIGN because for over 40 years Feltrin+ Masarin has been taking care of your projects!


Feltrin + Masarin integrates professionalism and technical expertise from the early stages, especially in the product engineering phase.  Every product realized is the result of careful and accurate study in synergy with designer and company.

The integrated approach has always been the strength of Feltrin+Masarin that is able to engineer partial or total the customer’s design proposals.  In particular, the design is carried out by our technical department which it takes care of the materials, finishes, details and all the variables related to the product. The ability to interact directly with the design studio or with the designer allows to understand needs from the technical point of view and to realise a sample that it may be later modified with the client for mass industrialisation.

Codesign begins precisely with an in-depth study of the design concept: the analysis of rendering (3D visual simulation) and feasibility study. The second step is focus on a direct comparison with technical department to make any changes and necessary adjustments according to functionality, aesthetics, quality and resistance of the product.

After that, we proceed with prototyping phase and lastly the industrialisation turnkey process.


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