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Sign Filo - MDF

Project Intro

The new Sign Filo seat is a perfect combination of design and craftsmanship.

Its workmanship is built up like a refined jewel: the creative process of this chair reminds the ancient goldsmith’s technique of filigree.

At one point I felt the need to make Sign lightweight thinking about the lesson of Italo Calvino on Lightness. I realized that we could keep Sign’s design by removing the surfaces and replacing them with metal wires. It was a leap from solid to ethereal.

– Piergiorgio Cazzaniga.


Total respect for the design concept through strictly artisan processes. Design and development of ad hoc equipments and machines. Construction and improvement of the welding template for the industrialization’s process. The welding stage has performed entirely by hand.

Solution by F+M

For the development of the Sign Filo seat, Feltrin + Masarin has analyzed the project in all its aspects interpreting the creative need of the Designer. The difficulty of Sign is given by the artisanal process and the management of the single elements according to precise schemes and the maximum attention. Strictly handmade workmanship give the seat particular lightness and craftsmanship.

The importance of human contribution fully respect the concept for the design: every step, in fact, is carried out in function of aesthetics to enhance the uniqueness and attention to every detail.

For Sign Filo, the equipment and the welding template were built specifically by our experienced staff. An important period of time has become necessary for the implementation and improvement of the template. Finally, the welding process – carried out entirely by hand with over 226 welding points – required great knowledge, high technical capacity and extreme precision.

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