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Screw - Driade

Project Intro

Particularly sought-after thanks to its futuristic design and the innovative screw lift system. Screw, the height adjustable tool with aluminum base and column, seat and footrest in stainless steel. Excellence, attention to detail and fine materials enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the object that complete the decor of any space and contexts.


Give the stool the particular “screw” shape, identify a continuous bending system that would allow to obtain the same pitch (to spiral) both in the column and in the seat, find the right balance between choice of materials and production costs. Lastly, make the seat flexible and comfortable but at the same time resistant.

Solution by F+M

Although technical engineering studies had given negative results, F + M was able to respect totally the design concept through an accurate study of the project.  F+M has developed a specific continuous bending system. The lathe machine allowed to turn giving the right spiral shape to the object. The problem was given by the speed too high.

Thanks to the cardan joint it was possible to transmit the motion to the lathe and reach the right speed. The smooth movement prevented the material from breaking and be excessively stressed. Stainless steel is reasoned choice: a noble material, suitable for processing, without exceeding costs.

The seat met the comfort and resistance conditions requested by the designer. Finally, ad hoc machine has been implemented for mass production.

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