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Office Walls & Doors

Project Intro

A project designed specifically for an important American campus in 2016. The doors and partition walls made by F + M are the result of a technological evolution followed by a strong technical ability able to satisfy the customer’s high quality standards. Efficient solutions both in terms of an aesthetic and functional, the design of these doors and partition walls in glass and aluminum feature particular finishes in shot-blasting silver and an elegant removable handle.


Identify an efficient and sustainable production process in terms of costs and time, meet the high quality and precision standards required by the customer, the use of the structural double-sided adhesive for fixing the glasses, study and specific packaging design to adequately protect the goods.



Solution by F+M

Despite the complexity of the project, F + M managed to meet all the requests expressed by the customer thanks to a close study thanks to the purchase of a specialized 5-axis machining center.  The construction of custom machinery has made it possible to identify an efficient production cycle able to minimize costs and times but at the same time carrying out different processes in multiple dimensions.

The absolute novelty is the use of double-sided adhesive tape as an innovative glue. To meet this need, F + M got 3M certification. Moreover, total respect for the design concept it was fundamental, in particular in the handle which had to be “clean” without any visible mechanical elements.

Finally, an accurate/careful analysis was carried out for packaging design: shockproof polystyrene panels along the entire perimeter of the wall, a special waterproofing membrane that covered the product and hygroscopic salts to absorb the humidity inside that could be created during the journey of shipment.



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