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High-speed Train - FS

Project Intro

Feltrin + Masarin was involved in the development of an important project in the railway sector for an internal restyling of FS trains. Specifically, the design of a luggage compartment for high-speed trains operated by the Ferrovie dello Stato was requested, in particular for the Padua, Naples and Reggio Calabria routes. A project designed specifically to ensure greater safety and functionality.


Optimize the entire production process in compliance with strict supply specifications, pass safety tests and FS regulations, identify an anti-vibration system and ensure sound insulation through compliance with legal requirements.



Solution by F+M

The study and design of the luggage compartment of TAF trains required an in-depth analysis to pass numerous tests and complete compliance with safety protocols. Given the high production volumes (about 10,000 pieces), an efficient production process has been implemented to optimize production times and costs. In addition, to ensure the correct design of the sound insulation – according to law – it was necessary to find an innovative solution able to meet all the acoustic conditions required by FS. Finally, an anti-vibration system of the luggage compartments was studied through a series of structural tests and the right combination of materials.

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