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Gaston - Boffi

Project Intro

Gaston is the captivating and sculptural valet stand designed by Marc Sadler and produced by Boffi, in 1993.

An amazing human dress-boy! Gaston represents a real work of art. It is a unique and limited edition: each piece, in fact, bears the signature of the designer Marc Sadler, carved directly in the metal.

For the realization of the Gaston, Feltrin + Masarin has interpreted the medieval creativity of Marc Sadler. The workmanship – strictly handcrafted – gives the dress boy particular authenticity and craftsmanship. Each imperfection increases its historical value and enhances its uniqueness and attention to detail.

Feltrin+Masarin Gaston_Boffi_gallery1
Feltrin+Masarin Gaston_Boffi_gallery2

The use of different materials creates an amazing, luxurious and medieval style. Chromed metal, brass, massive wood and red velvet combine to create the shape of a man in the industrial interpretation.

The different metal components has been made using the primitive technique of earth casting. An ancient processing method particularly suitable for the production of metal pieces in small series.

Excellence, originality and precious materials make this original object that, like a knight, completes the décor of any space!


Designer: Marc Sadler

Manufacturer: Boffi

Period: 1993

Origin: Italy

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