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Colimaçon - Barovier&Toso

Project Intro

Colimaçon is a chandelier created by Marc Sadler for Barovier&Toso. The elegant arms, available in two metallic finishes, can combined with each other to create multiple combinations. A constantly changing chandelier, capable of transforming itself every time to better adapt to any space and to any kind of contexts.


Total respect for the design concept, developing an invisible hooking system and a block system to prevent the various elements touch each other.

Solution by F+M

Study and developing of an invisible hooking system designed specifically for Colimaçon. A highly innovative solution composed by many pieces that fit together with each other thanks to an invisible internal spring.

This allows the object to keep “clean”, without visible mechanical elements and with full respect for the design concept. An efficient system that makes for quick and easy assembly, able to get the electricity to the arms that create the chandelier.

Finally, the proposed blocking solution avoids the 360’ rotation of the object and ensures the various elements never touch each other.

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