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Aria - La Cividina

Project intro

Aria is the retro-futuristic longue chair, designed by Antonio Rodriguez for La Cividina (2012). Aria is the perfect combination of lightness and magnitude, technological skill and craftsmanship. Aria proposes the typical shapes of the upholstered armchair but the laser shaping intervenes to create gaps that become its characteristic feature.


Development and construction of ad hoc equipment. Complex and ambitious project that requires high technical skills and craftsmanship to fully respect the concept of design. To create an imposing seat but at the same time light and ethereal.

Feltrin Masarin _ Aria by La Cividin
aria la cividina gallery

Solution provided by F+M

For the realization of Aria, Feltrin + Masarin has developed specific equipment. The Aria chair is produced by precisely laser cutting a sheet of steel to create rhombuses that form the main body of the seat.‎ To give strength and stability, 8 side bands are added that follow exactly the sweet shape of the chair creating a refined twirling. The human contribution is fundamental to fully respect the design concept: workmanship – strictly handcrafted – bring out the know-how of our team and the attention to detail. The structure is then covered in leather and hand-stitched.

Feltrin Masarin _ Aria by La Cividina
aria la cividina gallery

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