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Who we are

45.650134, 12.441673

Welcome to our headquarters

In the heart of Veneto, between Venice and Treviso, lies our factory of ideas.

Our production area spans across 7000 square meters and it’s managed by an efficient team of 31 employees. 

We use 3 machining centers, 4 welding robots, 6 presses, 1 laser pipe, 7 pipe/wire benders and for custom processing we use 7 special machines. 

We are able to work various materials: iron, steel, sheet metal, aluminum, brass, but also wood, glass, MDF and plastic; guaranteeing the following finishes: painting, anodizing, electroplating, gilding, chrome plating, copper plating, fabric, PVD and many other special finishes. 

We are a multidimensional industrial reality. In addition to the development and industrialization of metal components, we specialize in aluminum processing. A production center is dedicated to the design and production of doors and partition walls. 

Feltrin + Masarin means 3 specialized divisions, 40 years of experience in mechanics and 2 generations at the service of Italian creativity.

A sustainable Production

Our photovoltaic system generates 131 KW which guarantees the coverage of the company’s entire energy requirements.

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